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Top 4 Reasons why Medellin is better than Boston

Top 4 Reasons why Medellin is better than Boston

Hold on, before I get dozens of angry emails from concerned New Englanders I want to say that I am an American currently living in Medellin, Colombia and mean no harm by this article. It’s just that after 5 years living here, there are obviously comparisons made constantly and strong arguments as to why Medellin is better than Boston. So without further ado, Medellin VIP introduces the top 4 reasons as to why Medellin is better than Boston.

Public Transportation

Having lived in both Boston and New York City I, like most citizens depended heavily on public transportation on a daily basis. Whether it was going to work, school or running errands, public transportation is both faster and more cost effective than owning a car. Needless to say, I wasn’t very thrilled about public transportation due to the pungent smells, being crammed in small spaces, seizure inducing lights being flicked on and off, not to mention the scary looking fellow citizens that accompanied me while I reached my destination.

As soon as I moved to Medellin though I realized public transportation is not synonymous with undesirable citizens with questionable hygiene. The Metro of Medellin has existed for almost 20 years and all of its trains, gondola lifts and stations are kept in pristine conditions. There is no food or drinks allowed in and people under the influence are immediately escorted off the premises (a courtesy I hope will soon catch on in Boston).

The trains do get packed but it’s expected during rush hour (between 6:30-8:00am and 4:30-7:00pm). Other than that, riding the metro is a great opportunity for tourists to see the multiple facades of the city of eternal spring. For less than a dollar you can see how wide the gap between rich and poor is in this city by witnessing the slums some of the city’s inhabitants live in and the luxurious apartment buildings towards the south.

Near Perfect Weather Year-round

I might be a little unfair to my fellow Bostonians and New Yorkers in this category due to the subzero temperatures you’ve endured over the years but if it makes you feel any better, America has better alcohol. I’ve been here for over 5 years now and I’ve got to say, very few cities I’ve been to in America have better weather than Medellin. Springtime weather all year-round coupled with low precipitation (usually) makes this place pretty desirable when it comes to vacation.

The weather also makes Medellin Nightlife amazing. Warm nights allow the city’s most beautiful women to hit up the bars and clubs wearing dresses and skirts that leave very little to the imagination. There are also many public spots to ride your bike, jog and enjoy the undeviating weather with a beautiful paisa girl

Beautiful Women

Our intention is not to stir up controversy nor are we going to say that Medellin women are the most beautiful in the world but there are a very large number of attractive women pretty much everywhere you look. Paisa girls are very concerned about their looks and constantly hit up the nail salons, beauty parlors and the occasional plastic surgeon to ensure they look their very best.

It’s not just physical beauty that makes these women so desirable but it is their charisma and overall charm that make them irresistible to men all over the world. You’re not going to see as many girls at the gym as you would in the US but the having to walk to most places and the frequency with which home cooked meals are enjoyed has allowed the women to stay in good shape.

Approaching women here is also a reason why foreigners have come to love Medellin. Despite the many tourists we receive, we foreigners are the exotic people (mind you I’m from Revere Massachusetts). Women are friendly and easier to approach if you exude confidence but remember, out of 10 tries you may be rejected 8 times but those are still pretty good odds considering that we’re talking about 20-25 year old attractive females.

Can you say Festivo?

For those of you unaware, “festivos” are holidays in Colombia and you better get used to them because they are habitual. Colombia along with India shares the much coveted distinction of being the country with the most “off days” or holidays in one year (18). The United States comes in 5th with 10 holidays a year but living in Medellin made me realize that people here really take pride in taking time off work.

Festivos or “puentes” (which is Spanish for bridge, I never really got it either) are used by locals to get drunk on Sunday nights or when you have money, to get away for the weekend. Many of the upper class members have pieds–à–terre a few hours away from the city and spend the weekends there but it is mostly used for spending time with one’s family.

Well, there you have it, the 4 reasons why in my humble opinion Medellin is better than Boston. These reasons probably aren’t enough to convince people to move down here but who knows, maybe on one of the many festivos you can find yourself walking through the botanical garden, with a beautiful girl you met on the Metro.



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