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Crystal Palace: The Perfect Villa in Medellin

Crystal Palace: The Perfect Villa in Medellin

Securing accommodations in Medellin is the most important thing you can do for any trip to the city of eternal spring.

With hundreds of options available on the internet, it seems like the results are endless. However this isn’t the case.

Dozens of airbnb rentals have been raided while many promise an unreal party-friendly atmosphere. These hindrances prevent you from reaching the full potential of a trip you’ve planned for months.

Crystal Palace Mansion

In a city where lavish rentals are becoming scarce, locking down the perfect vacation rental for a weekend can be slim pickings without the right guidance.

Until now.

Introducing the newest member of our vacation rentals arsenal, this sumptuous 7 bedroom mansion is the villa you’ve been looking for.

best places to stay in medellinLocated high up in the mountains where the exclusion of neighbors will be in your favor, Crystal Palace is our answer to the question “best place to stay in Medellin?”.

The Property

This 7 bedroom estate sleeps 16 and is located just 15 minutes away from the Parque Lleras Nightlife District. But that’s not all, it also features:

  • Heated Infinity Pool with Spectacular View of Medellin (jacuzzi coming soon)
  • BBQ Area
  • Pool Table and Amazing Sound System
  • Spacious Bedrooms with Multiple Beds
  • No Neighbors
  • Nighttime Security Guard
  • Maid Service

We’ve hosted just a handful of guests here (just completed in December 2017) but the general consensus is, if you’re looking for privacy, discretion and everything brought to you, there is no better property in Medellin than Crystal Palace.

best places to stay in medellinDistance to Parque Lleras

For those looking for stay at a property within the Parque Lleras nightlife district you’ll automatically overlook crystal palace. But why? Parque Lleras is where the city comes alive but it won’t be the place where your guys trip will be lived to its fullest.

If what you want is a mix of pool parties, while living like a rockstar at a lavish estate with Medellin at your feet, you won’t get that in Parque Lleras.

Parque Lleras is the hub for nightlife but that idea of walking around the park during the day and interacting with locals is unlikely. Truth be told, Parque Lleras during the day is a square where backpackers sip beers and bracelet salesmen stalk their prey.  


Depending on the month, # of guests and days of the week, prices vary. So contact us today for pricing!

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What do you Envision your Experience at Crystal Palace to be like?

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