Forget about small, uncomfortable cabs or inexperienced Uber drivers lacking basic Google Maps skills, solicit our fulltime transportation service and improve your commutes within the city.

In order to ensure easy travels around the city, we recommend inquiring about our fulltime transportation in Medellín service. Just like all of our other transportation services, our fulltime transportation starts with selecting the number of members of your group. Once this is done, tell us your budget and whether or not the group wants to stay together or have multiple vehicles to help you get around. After this we will send you a complete quote with the options we have available.

Our fleet of vehicles is made up of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans and busses, all with AC (ask for the ones with WiFi) and all with professional, knowledgeable drivers ready to help you get around town quickly and comfortably.

Fulltime transportation in Medellín by Medellín VIP will have a vehicle and driver stationed outside of your penthouse, villa or hotel available 24/7, call us today.  

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