Transportation in Medellin

Finding a safe and comfortable method of moving around is one of the most important aspects of a great trip. For that reason, Medellin VIP wants to make your Medellin trip a lot easier by providing an array of safe and comfortable transportation options to ensure you get where you need to go. Regardless of group size and budget, we offer a large selection of vehicles for every occasion.

Whether you're here with a group of 3, 13 or 30, Medellin VIP will deliver in terms of security and comfort with a state of the art vehicle and professional driver. 

Thanks to years of experience and lots of networking, we have a fleet of on-call drivers ready to provide their transportation services in Medellin. Just call and be sure to tell us about any specific dates, requests and we'll be sure to set you up with the best possible options during your stay.

From airport transportation to daytime trips outside of town and even fulltime transportation, our options are as varied as they are complete.

Airport Transportation

Fulltime Transportation

Nighttime Transportation