Soar the skies in Stunning Guatape while Hang-gliding in Medellin

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Hang Gliding in Medellin

Have you always wanted to try a fun, extreme sport but thought it was too hard or too dangerous for your taste? Well Medellin VIP has the perfect sport that will not only be safe but it will surely be one of the most fun activities you can do in Colombia. 

Hang gliding is a sport that has been popular for years but just recently the sport has branched out and managed to enter the Medellin market. And where else but beautiful Guatape could you think of?

I know what you're thinking, "hell no, this is not only scary but dangerous". This might have been the case years ago when the sport was created but times have changed and with modern glider designs built especially for the safety of the instructor and passenger, you can feel safe and secure.

The flight begins by getting picked up at the dock in Guatape and after completing some paper work, participation in the assembling of the glider and a quick instruction lesson, you're ready to take off. 

When you think Medellin VIP we don't just want you to think sleeping in all day and getting plastered once the sun sets, we also want you to think action, excitement and thrill-seeking.

Enter hang-gliding in Guatape, the city's newest and most exciting air-sport. Soaring over the reservoir in style, hang-gliding in Guatape you'll behold the amazing scenery that very few have gotten to experience.


  • Boat ride on the lake until the reach lift-off point (5-10 kilometers)
  • 12-15 minute flight time depending on wind, weather conditions and weight of passenger (176 Lbs.  max)
  • Snack
  • GoPro video of flight (MicroSD).
  • Additional passengers on boat - $10. 
  • Transportation to Guatape not Included. Click here to add transportation. 
  • Weight Limit - 176 Lbs. 

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