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6 Reasons Why you Need Medellin VIP

6 Reasons Why you Need Medellin VIP

Let’s cut to the chase, what can Medellin VIP do for a bachelor party in Medellin that you can’t do for yourself? From airport pick ups to lavish pool parties in Medellin, the sky’s the limit. But why do you need us?

We’ll make it as easy and as simple as possible with these 6 Reasons Why you Need Medellin VIP:

Say Goodbye to Thinking and Planning

Planning a trip is fun but time consuming for guys in charge of vacation trips for picky friends. So forget about sitting for hours researching what to do in Medellin and let us create a custom package that will keep you entertained for the duration of your trip.

A flawless itinerary with the bachelor party seal of approval from every group that we’ve ever hosted.

Safety and Security Every Step of the Way

Within your group you’ll always find a few guys that are concerned about safety and really don’t know what to expect. These guys aren’t wrong, even if the city is no longer as dangerous as the 90s, you can still run into pickpockets and robberies at gunpoint if you don’t steer clear of certain areas.

We know what groups of guys need to look out for and groups that book our all inclusive package also get a VIP host with you at all times.  

Almost 10 years in the Industry

Being around for as long as we have has allowed us to correct the many mistakes a company can make in their early years. We now have a network of drivers, tour providers, properties and all sorts of bachelor party personnel to ensure your peace of mind before you fly out.

Think of us as concerned members of your group that want be known as the go-to guys for all things Bachelor Party in Medellin.

From a Local’s Perspective

It’s one thing to have an American in Medellin taking you guys around the city but it’s another thing to have an English speaking local with you every step of the way. This is why our host selection process is important, all of our staff members are Colombian born that have lived in the US for 10+ years.

We know what you want even if you don’t know and your best chance at an epic weekend in Medellin is local with prior knowledge of this.

Knowing what to Expect

If you were left in charge of planning this shindig, you know planning is best done months in advance. That way, every group member is in the loop and is prepared as far as luggage, cash and expectations.

With us, instead of researching multiple services on a cornucopia of websites you choose from tailor-made package options. All you have to do is pick your travel dates and book your flights and after a brief phone call, our staff will get to work on planning your trip so all you have to do is say yes.

Dozens of Positive Reviews

Still not sold on the idea? Read and hear what others have to say about us. Check out our Youtube channel, follow us on Instagram and read our Google Reviews.

Bachelor parties can be a hit or miss and there is no hearing the end of it if your planning skills are sub-par. Contact us for a quick quote and we promise you that this will be the bachelor party to which future ones are measured.


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