When you find yourself in Medellin with a group of friends and you feel like you've just been thrown off a boat without any proper guidance on how to swim, here we come swooping in with paddles, a safety vest and all the proper instruction on how to swim towards the action and excitement. Introducing our concierge service, Medellin VIP offers help on how to get around, where to go, reservations and VIP service at the city's top restaurants, bars and nightclubs. 

Our concierge service consists of an on-call expert available 12 hours a day that works so every minute of your afternoon is booked with fun-filled activities and your night has been carefully planned to ensure your satisfaction. 

Recommended for those who are behind the planning process of a Medellin trip but have no idea on what to do, our concierge service assures fast, easy and 100% satisfaction guaranteed guidance. Contact us today to start planning your trip!


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