Medellín VIP is an Entertainment and Hospitality Group that caters to a wide-array of clients from all over the world and offers a variety of services. We specialize in selling memories and experiences by means of full-service vacation trips to the City of Eternal Spring. All beginning with a simple yet informative phone call, we’ll tell you all you need to know to be an expert on Medellín before you fly down.

With the help of a large network of drivers, promoters, and guides we’re prepared to offer you the ultimate Medellín experience that features various tours, unrivalled Medellín nightlife experience, our signature Pool parties in Medellin, day adventure excursions and many more with the help of your very own bilingual interpreter and VIP host.

There are a handful of companies and individuals that offer the same services but what sets us apart from our competition is our customer service experience and our multiple 5-star Google Reviews are second to none. No other company comes close to the commitment and attention we give to each client. From the second you contact us and receive an instant reply to the minute you leave, we aim to make this city a place you’ll look back as The Best Vacation you’ve Ever Had. This is Medellín’s #1 Entertainment and Hospitality Group, Welcome to Medellín!



Way back in 2009, two young bachelors by the name of Johnny and Joe were invited to a frat brother’s wedding in Medellín, Colombia. The two were instantly enamored by the city and it’s people as well as the large number of women that they saw congregating in Parque Lleras. Such was the impression left on Johnny and Joe that the two vowed not to tell a soul about how amazing this place is. Medellín was to be their little secret.

After a year, John decided to relocate here permanently to get a piece of the ever-growing Medellín business scene.

While John opened up a few businesses; Joe didn’t keep his end of the bargain and ended up telling not just his friends but everyone of the experiences in Medellín. He spoke of the potential the city has, the lack of foreign interference in the culture, the women, the experiences and as one would suspect, word spread and John’s wish to keep this gem under wraps was now impossible.

After years of short visits and crazy stories, Johnny and Joe became the “go-to-guys” for all Medellín related insight in New York. Word travelled fast among fraternity brothers that Medellín was now open for adventure and making its mark as a brand new bachelor party destination. Thus, Medellín VIP was born.
Here we are 7 years later and Medellín VIP continues to grow and show all visitors a good time. From corporate events to bachelor parties and even individual tours, Medellín VIP is your one-stop for all vacation trips to the city of eternal spring.