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A Returning Customer is a Guaranteed Blast

A Returning Customer is a Guaranteed Blast

Returning to the city of eternal spring less than one year after visiting for the first time is a luxury not all men can afford. Not because the trip is expensive (on the contrary, these trips are rather inexpensive to say the least) but because there are very few excuses a group of bachelors can use to re-visit.

We all know travelling is about seeing places and learning about cultures but when all’s said and done, most people would much rather go somewhere new than visit a city for a second time (in one year). Be that as it may, Medellín VIP had a group this past weekend that were brave enough to return for a second trip and not only were the stakes raised but to their surprise, the second time was just as good, if not better, than the first.


As usual, we’re not going to reveal any details but we will say this group visited Medellín in mid 2015, they stayed at one of our lavish penthouses and were part of a group of 12 gentleman that at the time were scared of the city. This time, a few of the guys from the original group managed convince one of their friends to have their bachelor party out here. Whether or not they used this as an excuse to plan a return trip, we’ll never know.

We’ve been talking to these guys since about October and they wanted the works, multiple apartments, a luxury airport transportation, the same VIP host and an activity set for every day from Thursday to Sunday.

Wednesday, Day 1

Now that you have enough context, allow me to begin. We started the week the way we usually begin our bachelor party weeks, with lots and lots of calls and planning making sure everything runs smoothly. There were 12 guys in total staying in a whole apartment building about 3 blocks away from Parque Lleras.

We used our luxury Mercedes-Benz sprinter van to pick them up from the airport and filled the bus with champagne, ciroc, scotch, beer and Aguardiente (a local spirit). Once the few returning customers recognized a few familiar faces they knew they’d hit the ground running. On the van we had a great sound system, a few friends we invited over and 45 minutes of music and alcohol to catch an early buzz. Once we reached the apartment and realized how close they were to the action, we all decided an apartment was just a place to have breakfast, sleep and pregame.

We had lunch and started dancing with some friends that stopped by while the newbies were given the itinerary of the upcoming activities that were going to take place. They were as follows:

  • Wednesday– Meet and greet followed by dinner, strip club excursion and a possible party back at home.
  • Thursday– Chef was coming in to cook breakfast, paragliding at 12, dinner at Hatoviejo Restaurante and Ladies night at Club Luxury.
  • Friday– Breakfast from chef, Medellín City Tour and Pablo Escobar Tour, Dinner at Carmen, play by ear.
  • Saturday– Breakfast at home, ATV off-road adventure trip, Private chef at home, farewell party at strip club.

This seems to be a pretty standard itinerary but remember, we plan each of our itineraries per client so if you’re not about that life, we’ll work around all of this stuff.

Anyway, after the meet and greet, we decide to take a walk around Parque Lleras and scan the area for potential activities for the night. We had a plan to hit up the Charlee Hotel for the live salsa night but unfortunately the guys didn’t enjoy salsa as much and decided to try their luck at a local watering hole, Fase Dos Strip Club.

Strip Clubs in Medellin

The place was not just packed but it was also pretty lit. The bouncers advised the dj of the large crowd of Americans that were walking in and it was almost if he knew they were going to get even more turnt whilst listening to Drake.

Thursday, Day 2

Day 1 was tiring but mostly due to jet-lag and the pre-gaming that went on at home prior to the strip club. They awoke on Thursday to one of our chefs cooking them a chicken stock that gave them just enough energy to get up and ready.

At about 11am we headed up to Saint Felix which is a small town just outside of Medellín. Saint Felix is known for being one of the area’s best places for paragliding and this was what was on the list for day 2. After heading up there and seeing how even 10 year old kids were doing it, we managed to convince all but 1 of the guys to take flight (turns out he was scared of heights or something).

Paragliding in Medellin

Being suspended 20 minutes up in the air can give a man quite the urge to quench his thirst which is why the guide was waiting for them at the bar with a few six packs Club Colombia, the city’s most popular brew.

We headed back to the apartment where after a nap, our guide brought them over some Colombian food for lunch. Plenty of carbs to absorb all of the alcohol that was soon to come.

We had reservations at Hatoviejo which is one of the city’s oldest and most respected traditional Colombian platters with an assortment of other international plates. The decor is just stunning and the food is amazing. When you think Colombian food, rice, beans and chicharron come to mind but this place will have you going home looking for that Colombian experience to show your friends just how good our food really is.

Anyway, after dinner we had reservations at Club Luxury which is one of Parque Lleras most poppin’ night clubs for young people. You’ll find big groups of females all mingling on the first floor while the bigger parties are in their own little world on the second floor. The second floor allows you to see everything that’s going on downstairs, also.

Sometimes there is just no point in organizing and making reservations for nocturnal activities because in the end, all roads lead back to the strip club….

Friday, Day 3

Day two actually ended pretty late and these guys probably weren’t expecting going to bed at around the same time the chef was ringing the doorbell to come upstairs.

We had a city tour programmed for that day that had to be moved up to about 1pm and even then the guys still weren’t all ready (it’s like trying to discipline a group of cats). When they were finally ready, the tour was a mix of a Pablo Escobar Tour as well as a Medellín City Tour.

Funny thing about this group is that they actually decided to bring all of their alcohol on the tour, thus basically warning the guides and driver that only a few were going to do the actual sightseeing.

Long story short, half of the group got drunk on the tour (sadly, this happens more times than you’d think) and had to be escorted back to the apartment to wait while the rest of the interested crew learned about the city.

Not exactly the best start of the day but this is just the beginning. Dinner that night was at Carmen Restaurant and if you’ve read our previous posts you’d know we absolutely love this place and get our clients VIP seating every time we head up there. After a few rounds of old-fashioned drinks and multiple bottles of Carmenere, the guys were ready to go home.

These guys weren’t really used to 4 day party weekends so on day 3, i’m afraid that Medellín VIP has to admit one of our group wanted to hit the sack early. Day 3 concluded rather abruptly.

Saturday, Day 4

Hitting the sack early on Friday was probably the best thing the gang could’ve done. They had an early pick up for a 3 hour ATV trip Saturday morning and take it from a guy that’s been on these tours before, you’ll need to have had a good night’s rest in order to function on one of these things.

It was a rainy Saturday morning and I forgot to mention these guys originally had a boat party scheduled in Guatape (in my opinion, the better of the two options) but it was raining a little, therefore the ATVs were a great option.

the tour is in Rionegro, a few minutes away from the airport and given that most of these guys had never driven an atv, a 20 minute lesson was in order.

Long story short, the ATV tour goes through swamps, mud, concrete, the highway and you even get to stop in a small village where beers and chorizo are the best fuel for 2 hours on the road.

After the tour, we were waiting at the apartment with a couple of boxes of pizza and a half a dozen pitchers of Sangria. Pre-gaming was in order for one last night before they headed back to reality and back to work.

A few bottles of Jack and Ciroc later and before we knew it, it was already 11pm. It’s funny how being a Saturday night, you’d expect them to want to meet their reservation at one of the city’s best nightclubs but nope, the gang opted to visit the strip club they didn’t get the chance to visit the night before, La Isla.

La Isla is just about the same size as fase 2 but nowadays it’s hard to say which of the two is better. Both have a similar lineup, same amount of girls but the only difference is, La Isla is a lot darker and allows for a little more privacy. La Isla is also a bit further so in the end, we recommend hitting up both places at least once before you leave.

On this night, however, the guys felt they had a better experience and already got to know the lineup at fase dos so after a bottle of Grey Goose and a few beers we took a few cabs down to the promiseland.

Immediately after entering the girls recognized our group and paid extra attention to us. They knew we were ballers and were going to go all out on this last night.

It’s funny how used to drinking Aguardiente (the local spirit) the gang got and were actually chugging this stuff like nothing. The guys were drinking, the girls joined in and all in all the night unfolded and ended up being a memorable last night (and morning).

Sunday, Day 4

We actually hung out with these guys until sunrise and being that their flight was late, we had the chef come in for one last big breakfast. He made protein shakes, waffles, crepes and an assortment of fruits to give these guys the added boost before they said their goodbyes.

It was a fun last night and it really showed us as a company what our strong points are and why we’re the best at what we do. Our customer service, honesty and hookups when it comes to activities allows us to exceed customers expectations. So if it’s your first, second or even third time down here, there’s always something we can help you do and do it better,

They ended having more fun on this trip than they did the first time and i’m sure word will spread within that group’s group of friends and word of mouth will make sure that this won’t be the last time we’ll hear of these guys down here. In fact, the best man just hit us up this week telling us he’s in the works to head over for at least a weekend and pick up where he left off. Goes to show you, Medellin is the place to be for action-packed weekends and a returning customer is always a happy customer with Medellín VIP.


What are the Best Restaurants in Medellin?

What are the Best Restaurants in Medellin?

The restaurant scene is constantly being upgraded in Medellín and this is in no small part thanks to the many tourists that come down and end up staying. These tourists (now turned residents) discover the opportunities all over the city and end up bringing with them recipes from their country of origin, something unheard of 10 years ago.

Just walking the streets of Provenza and Parque Lleras you’ll stumble across Italian, Greek, Tex-Mex, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Colombian, Peruvian, Argentinian and Arabic cuisines, just to name a few. You’ll also walk by a street food carts and all of this just adds to the always growing food scene.

Every group we have will always be looking for the best places to eat and drink and it is for that reason that we asked ourselves “What are the Best Restaurants in Medellín?” So sit back and let us go through our favorites.

Colombian Cuisine

Colombian food is known to be exotic, starchy, filling and as varied as any other countries’ cuisines. When in Medellín you’ll discover plates such as The Bandeja Paisa (white rice, pinto beans, fried pork fat, ground beef, Colombian sausage, fried plantain and blood sausage) which is a dish you must try before you leave, Mondongo (beef tripe stew) trust me, it’s good, Sancocho (Colombian stew with potatoes, yuca, plantain, ribs, chicken, carrots and cilantro) and as an app, you have to try the chicharron (fried pork fat).

Medellín’s best Colombian restaurants are:


Known for its eclectic menu and traditional Colombian decor, Hatoviejo serves up some tasty Colombian dishes. With 3 restaurants in the city, tasting the best local food the city has to offer is fast and easy.

Hatoviejo is known for being the restaurant that feeds the city’s creme de la creme along with many tourists that wish to see what Colombian cuisine is all about. For some, restaurants like this don’t have the authentic feel but since it’s grand opening in Las Palmas (you’ll see the restaurant on your way down from the airport) more than 30 years ago, Hatoviejo continues to be the most visited restaurant serving ‘paisa’ food.


Las Palmas (across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel) – Calle 16 # 28 – 60

Oviedo Shopping Center – Calle 6 sur #43A – 227 4th floor

Center of the city – Carrera 47 # 52-17

Cost – An appetizer, entree and soft-drink will run you $25 usd.


Known for their public cafeteria-like ambiance, gargantuan-sized portions and Miami restaurant, Mondongos is a great place to try all of the aforementioned Colombian plates in a much more informal establishment.

Mondongo’s is named after a beef tripe stew that is quite common round these parts and although it might not sound like something you’re interested in (beef tripe is cow stomach) when in Medellín, be sure you try this restaurant and if you do manage to visit, try the stew, you won’t regret it.

There are 2 Mondongo’s in town, the first opened more than 2 decades ago in Laureles (an upscale Medellín neighborhood) and the second is the conspicuous Mondongo’s on 10th street, across the street from the entrance to Parque Lleras. The third is their critically acclaimed Miami spot.

They serve larger than average plates, multiple bananas, copious amounts of cilantro and enough avocado to satisfy even the most avid avocado eater. This is our preferred Colombian restaurant when looking for a big meal before or after a trip to the massage parlor.


Poblado la 10 (across the street from the entrance to Parque Lleras) – Calle 10 # 38 – 38

Laureles – Carrera 70 # C3 – 43

Miami – 3500 NW 87th Ave, Doral Fl 33172. (305) 718-4977

Cost – Appetizer, entree and a drink will cost you roughly $15 usd.

La Hacienda

Last on our list of restaurants that serve up Colombian cuisine, we have La Hacienda. Serving up traditional Colombian plates in locales with traditional decor, La Hacienda has two restaurants, the first of which opened up 25 years ago in the center of the city while the second is in the heart of the financial district, in La Strada shopping center.

Upon entering, the locales depict houses and neighborhoods that existed more than 50 years ago in the department of Antioquia. Staff use uniforms which are the clothes Medellín grandparents used in their youth which gives the whole restaurant more of an authentic feel. Go for the Bandeja paisa and you’ll have before you a dish that looks big enough to satisfy a family of dinosaurs.


Center of the city – Carrera 49 # 52-98 Balcon de Flores de Junin

Carrera 43A #1 sur – 150 Milla de Oro, La Strada

Fine Dining

We may not have the recognition Bogota has as far as food is concerned but Medellín is growing, and growing quickly. Our neighbors to the South and capital, Bogota is the business capital of Colombia meaning they have more people, more variety and of course, more restaurants. The term more might not mean better but that topic is up for debate.

Medellín will eventually replace Cartagena as Colombia’s most visited city and that is a prediction we do not carry lightly. We want to have great restaurants that will satisfy the needs of not just someone looking for traditional Colombian cuisine but also, fine dining as well. Here are our top contestants.


Coming in at #1 we have Carmen, a restaurant that is always praised by critics and often named Medellín’s best and one of Colombia’s best restaurants. Responsible for helping Medellín take a leap forward and opening its doors to the world, Carmen has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and has seen personalities the likes of Andrew Zimmern, Anderson Cooper, Steve Wozniak among others not just walk in but also enjoy a great meal.

Owned and operated by California and New Mexico natives chef Robert Pevitts and Carmen Angel, Carmen is just a few blocks over from Parque Lleras and is labeled as contemporary cuisine with Colombian and International influences. With dishes such as Pork Bahn Mi (best pork i’ve ever had) Korean tacos on flour and cilantro tortillas and amberjack fish with a plantain crust on coconut risotto as a few of their options, you know you’ll have an amazing experience here in the city of eternal spring and in no small part thanks to Carmen.

Looking for great cocktails? Carmen also has a wide array of cocktails that are sure to amaze even the pickiest of cocktail connoisseurs.


Carrera 36 # 10a – 27

Telephone number – 311-9625


Next on our list we have, Ocio. A restaurant that since it’s opening back in 2013 has since garnered praise from the city’s creme de la creme. Ocio might not have the recognition Carmen has but this Afghani/Asian/Colombia/Contemporary cuisine restaurant provides an experience like no other. From their decor to the music they play, for the duration of your experience you’ll most likely forget you’re still in Medellín.

Ocio has been serving up delicious plates and cocktails for only 3 years but with dishes such as leg of lamb (slow roasted for 6 hours) accompanied by fresh local grown vegetables and a roasted pepper sauce with almonds as well as pork fat (cooked for 6 hours) over mashed ripe bananas and brown sure along with stir fried cassava beans sauteed with beans and onions.

Also, be sure and try their desserts, you’re not going to want to miss out on homemade ice-cream sandwich crumbled caramel and macadamia ice-cream.


Carrera 33 # 7-21 Poblado, Medellín (4 blocks north of Parque Lleras).


Last on our list of fine-dining eateries in Medellín, you’re going to want to hit up Herbario. Known for their use of fresh herbs and spices, Herbario is a typical restaurant you would find in New York or LA but with local flavors. The perfect place to bring a date or share a reasonably priced meal and a glass of wine or scotch.

With plates such as suckling pig slow roasted with oranges served with baby vegetables and corn puree or crunchy prawns with finely chopped vegetables, sauteed in a tamarind sauce food like this will easily cost you $50 per plate out in NYC but expect to pay half the price for the same plate plus an appetizer.


Carrera 43D 10-30

Now, there are tons of restaurants in Medellín that are the best in the category so here is a short list of places that have exceeded our expectations. So next time you’re out here and the question what are the best restaurants in Medellin? comes to mind, be sure to hit up any of the places that made our list.

Naan – Indian Cuisine with a great setting and location owned and operated by local chef, Maria Teresa Velez.

Location – Carrera 35 # 7-75

La Pampa – An Argentinian steakhouse with a wide selection of great wines and live music Thursdays and Fridays.

Location – Mall Interplaza, Provenza and Las Palmas Mall.

What are Finca Parties and what Makes them so Special?

What are Finca Parties and what Makes them so Special?

If you’ve only just recently discovered our blog, you’ve probably heard the term “finca parties” thrown around more than once. We mention them on nearly all of our blog posts and you might be asking yourself, “what’s a finca and why do they offer this option to everyone they talk to?” The answer is quite simple, because they’re awesome.

Finca is the Spanish word for estate and it actually refers to a piece of land usually located outside of the city, in layman’s terms, villas. These fincas are basically summer homes owned by the wealthy that rent them out to the and are used for leisure time with family. Medellín VIP, however, takes a different approach and uses these fincas to provide you with a day trip you won’t soon forget.

Finca Party Outline

When we have groups of bachelors with little time on their hands yet wish to have a true VIP experience while being pampered, they usually contact us for our finca parties. We start by organizing the logistics which include renting out the finca usually located about an hour outside of the city of Medellín. We then talk to our chef to provide us with a detailed menu which includes hors d’oeuvres, a main course that’s made up of both chicken and steak along with potatoes and a side salad. We also organize transportation to and from, pre-stock the finca’s fridge with alcohol, invite a few friends over, hire a DJ with light shows and send over a concierge to make sure everything is in place. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ask about our masseuses and private massages.

Why Book a Finca Party?

Finca parties are often considered the best activity in Medellín for bachelor parties and it is in no small part thanks to the fact that it isn’t available to the general public. Not every company has the contacts or handles the logistics to orchestrate said activity which makes it more exclusive.

Another reason why we deem it as the #1 activity in Medellín is because it makes your average hard working group of bachelors feel like rappers and rock stars (even if it’s just for a day). While the friends that didn’t want to come to your bachelor party are stuck in the North East enduring what seems to be another incredibly cold winter, you’re down here in tropical Medellín, sipping back Hennessy poolside with a stunning view of the Andes mountains while you watch some of your friends get a deep tissue massage, others in the living room getting drunk, eating hot wings and listening to mixes by our DJ. It’s definitely going to be the central point of any bachelor party and the wow factor that will usher in the desire to want to not just return to Medellín but to retire here.

How much is a Finca Party?

Finca parties are without a doubt the priciest activity on our activities list but the exact cost depends on the number of people that will be assisting, the type/size of finca and the add-ons we provide. Every one of services can be upgraded or downgraded to make sure we cater to every and all budgets. Our VIP service includes transportation to the finca on a limo bus, gourmet meals by a team of chefs, a bartender serving up all sorts of different concoctions, a larger more exclusive more luxurious finca, two masseuses on the clock with full-equipment ready to pamper you, DJ with light show and a view that’s worth a thousand words in it’s own.

If you’re interested in learning more about finca parties or have more specific questions, be sure you contact us today.  


Medellin Bachelor Party Planning Steps

Medellin Bachelor Party Planning Steps

As the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group, we want every bachelor party in Medellin to be successful and epic. Regardless of whether or not you decide to take on the arduous and rather annoying approach of figuring things out on your own or if you’re smart and decide to let us do the planning for you, we want you to have a good time. That is why we’re prepared to give you a few tips to ensure your bachelor party in Medellin will go down not only flawlessly but you’ll have more fun than you possibly imagined.

Whether you’re the best man, most qualified to plan or the groom himself, the following tips we recommend you please keep in mind in the early stages of planning a Medellin bachelor party.

Give Yourself Enough Planning Time

The first tip we can give you to ensure the bachelor party in Medellin you’re putting together is successful would be the lead time you give your friends and yourself to organize the whole thing. Impromptu activities are sometimes the most fun but will you really rely on chance to have a good time thousands of miles away from home?

Medellin is a big city but the best places to stay are rather limited and knowing that everyone is looking to come down should be enough to have you worry about booking the best accommodations. Poblado is the preferred area for tourists and although there are hundreds of listings available, very few offer guests the possibility to hold parties at the property and even less offer the wow factor you’re looking for.

In order to ensure your group stays at the very best penthouses and villas, be sure to contact Medellin VIP as soon as you’ve chosen Medellin as your bachelor party destination.

Assemble your Team and Figure out a Budget

After you and the groom have selected Medellin and you know at least a tentative date, the next step is to handpick the exclusive group of guys that will be accompanying you on this journey. Many travel with a small group of only 3 guys while many more elect the daring path of a group of 15+ guests. We recommend groups of less than 10 because this way it’s easier to get into nightclubs, commuting and group activities will be a lot more meaningful.

Next, it is important to figure out a budget (per person) for this trip. It is important to mention that these two items go hand in hand because not everyone can afford to spend the same amount. Which means selecting a group of guys that will all get along and that can all afford the trip will be crucial.

When are the best Times to fly down?

See here Medellin Travel, When is the Best time to Visit?

Have the Bachelor Party at least 3 months before the Wedding

Arriving to your own wedding depressed because you still have the Medellin blues is not a good way to get there. Those won’t be tears of joy and your best man will know it. Ok, this might be hyperbole but there really is no plus side to having your bachelor party so close to your wedding date. Instead, opt for having it a few months in advance, that way, you and your boys can go all out during your Medellín bachelor party weekend and be ready to go for another fun weekend weeks after at your wedding.

Let Medellin VIP Steer you in the right Direction

By the time you get to this tip you’ll probably already have done enough research to know this is going to be a pain to plan successfully. Too many details that will make or break your trip and there are too many people relying on you to have this trip be epic. Why not leave the heavy lifting to a company that knows logistics and entertainment in Medellin like no other? Give us enough lead time and we’ll work with you from step 1. We’ll get you that lavish penthouse, we’ll send you a VIP host that will make sure you only hit up the best places and spend every minute of the day entertained and we’ll take you to the city’s best clubs where all you have to do is have fun.

Too many people come out here not knowing what to do, which is normal, but don’t waste a day or two out of your 4-day weekend figuring out what to do.

Don’t Waste time with Guesswork

To reiterate on our last tip, many of our clients are groups of guys who want to figure things out on their own, explore and say they stumbled upon their own amazing Medellin experience. This is rarely the case. You need someone who is up-to-date with the best places to party and not just that but someone who will recommend and plan things for your group during the day. You need a local that knows how you think and what you want. Someone to anticipate your next move and someone that always has a backup plan.

Once you’ve secured flights, handpicked attendees, figured out a budget and left the work to Medellin VIP, you’re ready to learn about what’s in store for your group. What will you get out of the package you booked with us? What can you expect from a weekend as Medellin VIP’s guests? On our blog page we have dozens of articles that are written accounts of client’s experiences with us. From celebrities to large groups at our signature villa parties, check-out our blog and learn why Medellin VIP makes medellin bachelor parties a lot easier and fun.


Respected TV Host Causes Outrage at Miss Universe Pageant

Respected TV Host Causes Outrage at Miss Universe Pageant

The Miss Universe Pageant, previously owned and sponsored by real-estate mogul Donald J. Trump made headlines last night for all the wrong reasons. This time, it wasn’t a contestant confusing the audience with ridiculous answers or Trump himself with his usual asinine comments but instead, this year’s competition was hit by hurricane Harvey, Steve Harvey.

That’s right, Mr. Blue Cheese himself

Harvey, a television personality known for having hosted multiple tv shows over his 30 year television career, made a faux pas on national television last night when he announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner, only to then recant and name Miss Philippines, Pia Wurzbach as the winner.

Colombians were outraged in no small part because earlier this year, Paulina Vega from Barranquilla, Colombia had brought the title to the South American nation after more than 50 years.

Upon announcing that Miss USA, Olivia Jordan was the third runner up, Harvey made the announcement that 45 million Colombians were waiting to hear, that the title is staying in Colombia where Paulina Vega had brought it in January.

But after Arevalo was crowned, after the swarms of photographs, tears and hugs from fellow contestants, Harvey asked for everyone’s attention as he explained he had made a “human” mistake, that Arevalo was not the winner. The announcement came about 2 minutes after, which was more than enough time for Wurzbach to be making her way away from the center of the stage thus accepting her second place title.

Millions of Colombians in outrage, watched as Paulina Vega (the current Miss Universe and Colombia native) had to remove the crown from Gutierrez head and place it on a baffled Wurzbach who was both excited and shocked with the result. The show then concluded and as usual, the tweets followed.

Immediately after the show, Harvey tried to apologize for his blunder but instead made matters worse with this tweet: “I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia this was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful.” The host of Family Feud and the Steve Harvey Show misspelled both Colombia and the Philippines adding to his already tainted relationship with Colombians.

Harvey went on Twitter to apologize but made matters worse when he misspelled both ‘Colombia’ and ‘Philippines’.

The country is outraged and although the mistake was likely to happen to anyone, more was expected from a man with a career in television that spans more than 3 decades. Was this a “human” mistake as Harvey so blatantly called it? Or was this perhaps a publicity stunt to increase ratings? We will never know… One thing is certain though, Steve Harvey should avoid Colombian restaurants in the near future.

Consecutive Miss Universe titles would have been perfect to attract more people to this beautiful country that yearns for worldwide attention but even if we didn’t win, I’m sure the millions watching at home can honestly say Ariadna was not only more beautiful but also comes from a place where more beautiful women per capita than anywhere else.

Medellin VIP: Bachelor Party Weekend in a Nutshell

Medellin VIP: Bachelor Party Weekend in a Nutshell

Since late last year 6 guys from the Bronx planned a weekend getaway to the city of eternal spring and hired Medellin VIP as the source of transportation, accommodation and entertainment for their trip. The following is a recollection of the events that occurred this past weekend.

On Thursday, January 29th we picked up 6 guys at the airport looking to have an epic weekend in a city known for its beautiful women, warm weather and overall degeneracy. One of the guys will be getting married in a few weeks and didn’t think twice in choosing Medellin as the city where he will pay his final goodbye to a much enjoyed single life.

Thursday Morning – Day 1

We picked them up at 10:30 am and being that they were leaving on Sunday afternoon, sleep and jet-lag were two words they were unfamiliar with. Keeping that in mind we drove from the Jose Maria Cordova (located about 45 mins from Medellin) down to the city and instead of heading over to the apartment where they were staying, they decided to have a nice traditional Colombian breakfast and a few afternoon beers. Homemade chorizos, beefy empanadas and cold Club Colombias seem to be a good welcoming.

The group thought a full-time concierge service would not be necessary but little did they know that Medellin is not a bilingual city and for non-Spanish speaking visitors a guide/interpreter can go a long way. When seeing they couldn’t communicate with the tellers at the money exchanging offices they recanted and decided a full-time guide would be beneficial.

After a few hours of shopping at the city’s major malls they decided it was time to drop off luggage, shower and visit a massage parlor to relieve stress. We took them over to Loutron (one of the city’s most famous massage parlors located in a farm house that used to be owned by Pablo Escobar) and were all very impressed with the staff that greeted them. Upon entering you have about 10-15 young girls in skimpy lingerie that introduce themselves. You then choose the girl you like and follow them into the bedroom (don’t come for the massages).

A bottle of tequila and two hours later these guys realized it was lunch time and headed over to Mondongo’s (a traditional Colombian chain restaurant serving classic Colombian plates such as Bandeja Paisa, Sancocho and Mondongo).

Thursday Night – Day 1

After a late lunch the guys discussed supplies which included “party favors” and 5 girls to hang out with at the apartment for a welcoming party.

In order to endure the night that was ahead we left them alone for a few hours to rest and relax in their apartment.

So we called a few friends and delivered some supplies to them, hung out for a few hours and at 11:30 went to pick up our homegirl Marcela up that was with a few friends. To protect their identities, we will not show their picture but trust us when we say Medellin VIP doesn’t have ugly friends.

Given that this was a bachelor party it needed to be treated as such so we also brought over 2 strippers, a few bottles of grey goose and enough party favors to make Charlie Sheen proud.

The apartment we accommodated them in was huge with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, bar, large balcony and get this, a Jacuzzi right in the middle of the house!

The strippers weren’t included in the package but we pulled a few strings and brought a couple over. These girls were amazing, even I was left speechless. 22 years old, big natural breasts and the asses of Brazilian beach models.

After these girls teaching the guys how to dance reggaeton and a very disappointing salsa lesson the guys thought it was time to move the party over to the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi would fit only about 6 people but I don’t know how they managed to fit 10 in there counting 2 strippers.

A few lap dances in the Jacuzzi and 3 bottles later had these guys finally feeling the jet-lag. Some dropped like birds but the soon to be groom, best man and myself partied hard until about 5 am when the strippers had to skedaddle. Day 1 was rough on the liver.

Friday Night – Day 2

Being that they only hired a nightlife guide we didn’t see them on Friday morning so I met up with them over at the apartment on Friday and let them know we had made a reservation over at Discoteca Luxury (read our top 3 nightclub guide) in Barrio Colombia for a party that was going to be crazy.

We first had a surprise for them and took them over to La Isla (one of the city’s premier strip clubs) and showed them what some of the best strippers in the city look like. It was like seeing 6 little kids in a candy store.

We arrived at about 10:00 and let them know that drinks are overpriced but given our status as premier entertainment and nightlife guides we will get them the best table in the house and the night’s top girls. Which of course, we did.

After drinking 2 bottles of vodka I reminded them we had a reservation at 12 in Discoteca Luxury that we were already late for and left La Isla. The girls were not very happy with me.

Luxury was as crazy as it always is with its reputation for playing some of the best hip hop and R&B the city has to offer. When you combine the warm weather with free admission for ladies, you get dozens of single girls clubbing looking for a good time. Remember to brush up on your Spanish though before you come because although you have the option to have a fulltime guide, not all girls like being approached by a random person and their guide.

These guys managed to pick up 2 girls at the club and we contacted a few escorts to accompany the remaining 4 guys back to the apartment. I won’t tell you exactly what went down at the apartment but if the Jacuzzi could talk, it would say it’s scarred for life.

Saturday – Day 3

Being that Saturday was their last whole day in Medellin before they headed back to the cold weather we thought we’d take them to one of the hottest spots in the city and took them over to the Charlee Hotel for lunch followed by a pool party held on the envy rooftop. We also managed to get them reservations at the always popular Carmen Restaurant.

We had lunch and then went for some coffee over at Juan Valdez followed by drinks up at the rooftop of the hotel.

Dinner as we mentioned was at Carmen and it was the best food these guys had in Medellin. A mix of contemporary cuisine with international influences Carmen is more of an experience than a meal.

After we had dinner I took them over to Icono Club which is without a doubt, the best club for house music in the city. Directly adjacent to Icono is Déjà vu which is a nightclub that specializes in Reggaeton (in both places you’ll see amazing girls both escorts and regular).

We got there at about 12 and although the club is small, the music is amazing with the city’s most renowned DJs playing every weekend and this was made better with the 6 girls I had meeting us at the club.

The club closes at 4am but it was their last night in Colombia and 3 of these guys asked me to drive them over to Fase 2 strip club for a last few hours of degeneracy before flying back home.

Two hours, $200 and 2 bottles of Aguardiente later we found ourselves getting the lights turned on (indicating the night was now over).

That morning they checked out of the apartment and we had one of our vans pick them up and drop them off at the airport.

Another successful bachelor party weekend and you can have yours too with Medellin VIP. Be sure to contact us for a free quote and create your package today!



Bachelor Party 2017: Why Medellin is the place to be Before Walking the Plank

Bachelor Party 2017: Why Medellin is the place to be Before Walking the Plank

Walking the plank is a popular euphemism for getting married and is quite accurate considering that if you are a party person; your life will never be the same again. For that reason, many cities in the world make it their business to provide soon to be married men the chance to bid farewell to the single life in their city. Scottsdale, AZ is known for its golf courses, Vegas for its casinos and lavish parties, Bangkok for its overall degeneracy and low costs and now we have Medellin, Colombia famous for its hot women, springtime weather year-round and epic parties.

Medellin is a city nestled between the Andes Mountains and home to about 2 million people. Known for its women, weather and people, “Medallo” has recently seen hundreds of single guys come down here to explore the city’s nightlife and party with the most beautiful women in the world. It may not have the global recognition that Las Vegas has garnered over the years but the following are strong arguments as to why Medellin needs to be the venue for your bachelor party.


For many this might not be an issue but what about your guests? You may have a few of your best friends that will be participating in this event that can’t afford a sumptuous send-off in Vegas so exploring other locations will be more affordable.

Las Vegas may be known as sin city but in our opinion the only sin is going for a weekend and spending thousands of dollars on a single night out. Medellin has great bars, nightclubs and gentleman’s clubs that allow you to have the fun you’d have in Vegas without the clichés associated with the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Colombia is a place where most people live on $300 per month so most products and services such as food and transportation (and even “party supplies”) are available for a fraction of what you would get them back in the States. Not just that but hundreds if not thousands of men have their bachelor parties in Vegas, why not explore other places?

You can visit the best strip clubs and massage parlors in the city and for less than $100 you can have some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen cater to your every whim. This may be more than what you would pay in places like Bangkok (Thailand) or Hanoi (Vietnam) but what about the transcontinental flight?

As a VIP concierge service company we also have amazing packages that include airport pick-up, accommodation, dinner at the city’s best restaurants, weekend trips to summer homes just outside the city and female companions all for one low price.


Colombia is home to Paulina Vega (the recent recipient of the Miss Universe Pageant) and home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Countries such as Sweden, Ukraine and Russia get most of the credit but that’s only because Colombia is different (all of the beautiful women are in Medellin). Look up Ana Sofia Henao, Davalos Sisters, Sara Uribe, Catalina Otalvaro and Maria Fernanda Yepes and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Eastern European girls are hot but they’re pretty cold and if you like Latinas that are sweet and down to earth, you can’t go wrong with a Paisa girl.

You might be thinking that every country and even every city has beautiful models and you’re right but I’ll give you 30 seconds to do a quick Google Image search for Medellin Nightlife and tell me you don’t like what you see. Here, I’ll even facilitate the process: view link

Medellin VIP has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 5 years. Specializing in bachelor parties and nightlife concierge services, we have gotten to know the most beautiful women and the best venues to throw legendary parties. Talk to us about your plans, time available and we will provide a free quote today!


With the yearly average temperature being 71 °F, Medellin is the perfect city to have a bachelor party any time of the year.

Whether you want to have your party on one of our boats out in Guatape, at a nightclub in the city’s most prestigious areas, in one of our summer homes located away from the bustling city or right at one of our apartments, the weather will not be an issue. Can you say the same about the humid and rainy Bangkok?

Opulent Lifestyle

Medellin is a city where you can get pretty much anything at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the US, which is why a lavish lifestyle even if it’s for a week is almost guaranteed.

Talk to any expat and they’ll tell you how money goes a long way in Medellin and how coming down here for vacation will have you feeling like you’re in paradise. Whether it’s walking through the streets of Parque Lleras, exploring the towns of Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jardin or Guatape and relaxing on a hammock in one of our summer homes, you’ll see what paradise is really like. After a night of debauchery and a day of relaxation sipping back scotch poolside, you’ll probably never want to go back to real life. The only thing you should be worried about in Medellin, is wanting to stay.

At Medellin VIP we have thrown dozens of successful bachelor parties in Medellin and Cartagena throughout our 5 years in the industry. We make all of this possible in no small part thanks to the network of resources we have accumulated through hard work and 5 years of field work. So whether you want to plan a weekend, weeklong or one-month vacation for a bachelor experience, we have the tools and connections to have you feeling the true VIP experience in the up-and-coming city that is, Medellin.



Top 4 Reasons why Medellin is better than Boston

Top 4 Reasons why Medellin is better than Boston

Hold on, before I get dozens of angry emails from concerned New Englanders I want to say that I am an American currently living in Medellin, Colombia and mean no harm by this article. It’s just that after 5 years living here, there are obviously comparisons made constantly and strong arguments as to why Medellin is better than Boston. So without further ado, Medellin VIP introduces the top 4 reasons as to why Medellin is better than Boston.

Public Transportation

Having lived in both Boston and New York City I, like most citizens depended heavily on public transportation on a daily basis. Whether it was going to work, school or running errands, public transportation is both faster and more cost effective than owning a car. Needless to say, I wasn’t very thrilled about public transportation due to the pungent smells, being crammed in small spaces, seizure inducing lights being flicked on and off, not to mention the scary looking fellow citizens that accompanied me while I reached my destination.

As soon as I moved to Medellin though I realized public transportation is not synonymous with undesirable citizens with questionable hygiene. The Metro of Medellin has existed for almost 20 years and all of its trains, gondola lifts and stations are kept in pristine conditions. There is no food or drinks allowed in and people under the influence are immediately escorted off the premises (a courtesy I hope will soon catch on in Boston).

The trains do get packed but it’s expected during rush hour (between 6:30-8:00am and 4:30-7:00pm). Other than that, riding the metro is a great opportunity for tourists to see the multiple facades of the city of eternal spring. For less than a dollar you can see how wide the gap between rich and poor is in this city by witnessing the slums some of the city’s inhabitants live in and the luxurious apartment buildings towards the south.

Near Perfect Weather Year-round

I might be a little unfair to my fellow Bostonians and New Yorkers in this category due to the subzero temperatures you’ve endured over the years but if it makes you feel any better, America has better alcohol. I’ve been here for over 5 years now and I’ve got to say, very few cities I’ve been to in America have better weather than Medellin. Springtime weather all year-round coupled with low precipitation (usually) makes this place pretty desirable when it comes to vacation.

The weather also makes Medellin Nightlife amazing. Warm nights allow the city’s most beautiful women to hit up the bars and clubs wearing dresses and skirts that leave very little to the imagination. There are also many public spots to ride your bike, jog and enjoy the undeviating weather with a beautiful paisa girl

Beautiful Women

Our intention is not to stir up controversy nor are we going to say that Medellin women are the most beautiful in the world but there are a very large number of attractive women pretty much everywhere you look. Paisa girls are very concerned about their looks and constantly hit up the nail salons, beauty parlors and the occasional plastic surgeon to ensure they look their very best.

It’s not just physical beauty that makes these women so desirable but it is their charisma and overall charm that make them irresistible to men all over the world. You’re not going to see as many girls at the gym as you would in the US but the having to walk to most places and the frequency with which home cooked meals are enjoyed has allowed the women to stay in good shape.

Approaching women here is also a reason why foreigners have come to love Medellin. Despite the many tourists we receive, we foreigners are the exotic people (mind you I’m from Revere Massachusetts). Women are friendly and easier to approach if you exude confidence but remember, out of 10 tries you may be rejected 8 times but those are still pretty good odds considering that we’re talking about 20-25 year old attractive females.

Can you say Festivo?

For those of you unaware, “festivos” are holidays in Colombia and you better get used to them because they are habitual. Colombia along with India shares the much coveted distinction of being the country with the most “off days” or holidays in one year (18). The United States comes in 5th with 10 holidays a year but living in Medellin made me realize that people here really take pride in taking time off work.

Festivos or “puentes” (which is Spanish for bridge, I never really got it either) are used by locals to get drunk on Sunday nights or when you have money, to get away for the weekend. Many of the upper class members have pieds–à–terre a few hours away from the city and spend the weekends there but it is mostly used for spending time with one’s family.

Well, there you have it, the 4 reasons why in my humble opinion Medellin is better than Boston. These reasons probably aren’t enough to convince people to move down here but who knows, maybe on one of the many festivos you can find yourself walking through the botanical garden, with a beautiful girl you met on the Metro.



15 Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellín

15 Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellín

If you’re older than the age of 18 you already know that a bachelor party is synonymous with naked ladies, heavy drinking, donkey shows and more naked ladies. That’s all fine. And trust us when we say we don’t interfere with traditions. However, bachelor parties aren’t just about women and booze.

For those looking to travel to Medellin for a bachelor party or even a birthday bash, Medellin VIP is here to tell you that the picturesque landscapes and springtime weather year-round make it the perfect venue for adventure travel. In addition to the conventional late-night debauchery here are 15 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellin.

Shooting Ranges

Medellin has shooting ranges located just minutes away from the city to provide a more calm and tranquil environment for, you guessed it, shooting stuff. 50 bullets, 3 different types of rifles and multiple cans of beer, what could possibly go wrong?


This American favorite is just starting to garner popularity in Medellin but the major casinos located just minutes away from where you’ll be staying have it.

Water Rafting

Water rafting is an adventure dating back hundreds of years and an activity very few know about in Medellin. Experience the turbulent waters of the Cauca River and release all of the accumulated adrenaline from all the hard work back at the office.


Swigging beers around an open campfire with your close friends while you reminisce on past memories is priceless. This type of activity takes your mind off all the madness associated with wedding planning (warning – but might feed the pre-wedding jitters.)

Road Trips and Sightseeing

Road trips help take the mind off stressful thoughts going through the mind of a soon to be married man and the picturesque landscapes found in the towns outside the city provide a feeling of tranquility.

Kill Each Other

(Not literally of course.) With paintball being very popular among the younger urban crowd, there are a variety of different fields where you can release some accumulated stress.


Many say fishing is a dying sport but there is nothing more relaxing than a long day out fishing, drinking beer and hanging out with the guys followed by a thorough massage.

Boat Parties by Day

Guatape is a town located about an hour from the city of Medellin and famous due to the monolithic formation known as “La Piedra del Peñol.” The town also has a lake ideal for jet-skiing as well as boat parties that can be arranged.

Rent a Villa or “Finca”

“Finca” is a common word in Colombia for farm but it is known as any home located outside of the city. The fincas we have in mind however are villas that can accommodate dozens of people and can be as simple as just a small house or a luxurious vacation home with multiple pools, soccer field, gyms and pool tables. It is where the wealthy locals spend their holiday weekends. Add a few girls and multiple bottles of vodka and we’re sure you’ll never want to leave Colombia.


Very few locals have done it and has been an activity completed by mostly tourists but if you have an adventure trip in mind, nothing says daredevil more than visiting a foreign country with your friends and jumping off a plane.

ATVs and Dirtbikes

If you and your friends are into adventure travel but with minimal risks involved (unless you’re drunk and crass) perhaps dirt biking and ATV rides might be something you’ll be interested in.

Helicopter Rides

An adventure that is brief but gratifying, we take you on a 15 minute helicopter ride overlooking the entire city. Starting the local airport your adventure begins. Go back home and tell your Colombian friends you saw a side of Medellin that probably they haven’t experienced.


The beautiful terrain in the department of Antioquia makes Medellin an amazing place for activities such as jumping off a hill with a parachute like object. The experience lasts only 20-30 minutes but you will see the landscapes the way only birds do.

Restaurant Tours

An up and coming city, Medellin is home to a variety of different cuisines and if you want a calm send-off to married life, there is nothing better than a restaurant tour of Medellin. Say what you want about Colombian food but one thing it’s not is low-fat.

Anything but this

The main reason for which this article was written was for the recovering alcoholics looking to say goodbye to the single life in a calm manner. There have been stories of, get this, men who don’t have bachelor send-offs because they don’t want to do anything crazy. Which is fine but that is no reason to mark the end of an era with a Christian Style Bachelor Party. Granted, Christian Bachelor Parties might be fun (if they’re thrown by Ned Flanders) but there are other ways to have a calm send off and Medellin VIP is here to aid you in the process.

Liked what you read? Learn more about our packages and create your very own tailored Medellin bachelor party experience VIP style.


Medellin Bachelor Party: Bachelor Party Checklist

Medellin Bachelor Party: Bachelor Party Checklist

If one of your best friends is getting married you’re probably here because you’re looking into having Medellin be the venue for the bachelor party. And you need us to make it happen. If that’s true you need to prepare yourself for one hell of a bachelor party experience. We will be your eyes, ears and entertainment in Medellin but we still need you to follow a few rules and follow the Medellin Bachelor Party checklist below.

Best Man Responsibilities

Medellin VIP will take care of everything but we also need your help to make sure everyone has fun.

  • Confirm the guest list with the groom and make sure everyone knows when, where and how much.
  • Work with the groom to find out what he wants out of this and what kind of activities he would be looking to engage in.
  • Figure out a budget for spending money.
  • Check with the other guys to make sure everyone is cool with the Medellin Bachelor Party budget.
  • Review with everyone else what you asked from Medellin VIP to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and everyone knows what the groom and you asked for.
  • Go through our list of activities and remember that if you tell us to plan an itinerary for you, our philosophy is, sleep when you’re dead.
  • Buy airline tickets.
  • Stay on the groomsmen until they too buy their airline tickets.
  • Talk to everyone about what kind of accommodation you’d want while here (furnished apartment in the city, villa outside of the city, hotel room.)
  • Talk to us about rental cars (if necessary)
  • Ask us about companionship.
  • Ensure the guys know where and when to meet up.
  • Chip in for the groom’s expenses.
  • We don’t know what kind of booze, cigars you prefer or if they’re available here so make sure you purchase them before coming down to Medellin.

Groomsmen Responsibilities

First and foremost remember your here for the groom and unfortunately if you want to sleep in and the groom wants to go the strip club, you’re going to have to sacrifice sleeping.

  • Help the best man with all of the planning (if necessary)
  • Book the plane ticket.
  • Help keep the groom conscious.
  • Let the groom win at every game you play.
  • Help pay for the groom’s expenses (accommodation, food, etc)
  • Buy the groom a few lap dances.
  • Help keep the mood upbeat. That means, no whining or complaining.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mention wives, girlfriends, children during the trip.

Groom’s Responsibilities

During this trip, you know you’re the man of the hour and the star of the show but we hope you’re aware that you have the most responsibilities.

  • Be the voice of reason.
  • Decide on activities that everyone will be looking to engage in.
  • Make sure your friends (and you while you’re at it) don’t become angry drunks looking to cause trouble.
  • Remind everyone that you’re in a foreign country and the rules might be a little different.
  • Have fun and let everyone know.