A Boutique Hotel in Medellin for High Profile Clients

High up in the mountains where very few people go, there is a magical place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano and where an unforgettable weekend is to be expected.

A place so magical that if, Lamar Odom, would’ve known about Medellin and this Boutique Hotel, chances are, he’d never be seen again.

Not only is this place secluded and tranquil, but it also serves as an exclusive massage parlor for high profile clients. The perfect vacation option, high up in the mountains. Recommended for small groups of guys looking to relieve stress and have the party brought to them.

What is this place?

Our boutique Hotel is called Stiletto and it is a 5-bedroom house in the Los Balsos sector of El Poblado. At just 15 minutes away from Parque Lleras, this 5 bedroom hotel has a pool, master chambers, bar area (with bartender working 14 hours a day), live-in housekeeper and all of the amenities of a modern hotel.

Where is this Place?

The address or name will not be disclosed due to our agreement with the owner, of keeping this place as exclusive as possible and only catering to tourists. Very few Colombians know about this place and the intention is to keep as such but as stated previously, the location is Los Balsos which is a 15-minute drive from the bustling Parque Lleras.

Whom is it Intended for?

Stiletto was designed for the high-profile client not intrigued by bar crawls and nightclub excursions. We expect to keep it for VIP groups of up to 5 people looking to have the party brought to them. No neighbors, no restrictions, no limits as to how much fun you can have.

Not intended for large groups looking to cram 3 guys into 1 bedroom to save $50 bucks a night.

Interior and Exterior

Those who are always looking for that added level of security will feel comfortable in knowing that Stiletto offers 24 hour security on premises and a gate with no sign or indication that there is anything going on within its borders. It is a single family detached home with 5 large suites (one of which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “master bedroom”), 6 bathrooms, outdoor pool, fully-equipped kitchen and bar/lounge area. All of this within a cabin in the woods atmosphere (no relation to the movie).

Why not Big Groups?

The rental comes with many perks that can only be really taken advantage of when part of a small group. Unfortunately many of these perks cannot be featured on this article but a 5-minute phone call with one of our team members will have you realize that a weekend at Stiletto will be the 72 hours you needed after 365 days of hard work. 

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