Flyboard in Guatape and Soar like Iron Man

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Flyboard Medellin

The newest, most exciting aquatic activity has finally reached Guatape and needless to say, it’s awesome.

Flyboarding is an innovative, one-of-a-kind aquatic sport which allows its participants to do the otherwise impossible, fly over water. Perform awesome stunts and impress your friends with this incredible daytime activity in Guatape.

A flyboard is an aquatic jet-pack which provides propulsion that drives a board-like object through water. Invented and patented in 2012 by a French water-craft carrier, flyboarding has been in Guatape for the past 2 years and there is no better place to perform the sport than in this spectacular lake.

Take our crash-course in flyboarding and use the equipment long enough to perform your first stunt. Adventure seekers and aquatic activity lovers will really enjoy Flyboarding in Guatape.


  • Flyboarding Crash-Course and Equipment

  • Transportation to Guatape (optional)


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