What is it?

If you came to Medellín looking for nothing short of an epic experience be it for a bachelor party or friend’s retreat, Medellín VIP has the perfect solution for group travelers. Our Signature Pool Parties, better known as finca parties are our way of celebrating bachelor parties in style and with no expense spared.

A finca is a large villa owned by the city’s elite and these are extravagant properties located just outside the city, far from the noise and traffic but close enough to be reached in under 1 hour. Our fincas are equipped with pools, jacuzzis, pool tables and we bring everything you’ll need to have an epic bachelor party experience. But what is a finca party and what’s the hype?

The Basics

We start by organizing the logistics which include renting out the finca usually located about an hour outside of the city of Medellín. We then talk to our chef to provide us with a detailed menu which includes hors d’oeuvres, a main course that’s made up of both chicken and steak along with potatoes and a side salad. We also organize transportation to and from, pre-stock the finca’s fridge with alcohol, invite a few friends over, hire a DJ with light shows and send over a concierge to make sure everything is in place. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ask about our masseuses and private massages.

An event that is usually reserved for rappers and rockstars, Medellín VIP brings it to the city of eternal spring at a fraction of the cost and with 10 times much fun. We pride ourselves on heavy research and a ton of logistics to ensure your finca party is the central focus of your Medellín vacation.

Tons of alcohol, great food, even greater company and a DJ are all brought together in a lavish venue to ensure your trip to Medellín will not soon be forgotten. Don’t worry about discretion because the only people at the finca are you and your friends so if you want to go all out crazy and release all of the accumulated stress after working 365 days of the year, hit us up today and ask about our Signature Pool Party.